The Power of Dog is Good Merchandise

In our divided society, one of the few things that people can agree on is the love they share for dogs. The bond that humans have with dogs can be traced back to 30,000 BCE when hunters rewarded wolves that hung around their camps with scraps of food. In turn, these wolves helped humans hunt. As the symbiotic relationship between humans and dogs developed, dogs became the first domesticated animal, evolving into the lovable pets they are today. 

Dogs provide companionship, reduce anxiety, and form a powerful neurological bond with their owners that is comparable to love

In this post, we'll talk about how Dog is Good, a lifestyle apparel company that captures the magic of the human-dog relationship with their products. We will discuss the licensing agreement that Huge Brands has with Dog is Good, and explore how you can leverage Dog is Good merchandise to grow your shop. 

How Dog is Good Captures Consumers’ Hearts and Minds

In 2008, Gila and Jon Kurtz launched a brand to capture the unique bond that dog owners share with their dogs. They endeavored to create comfortable clothing that expressed the special sentiment that dog lovers experience, and Dog is Good was born. 

The Kurtz success hasn’t come without growing pains; they have experienced many setbacks, but their tenacity and love for dogs fueled their growth and enabled them to face these challenges head on, transforming the company into what it is today. 

People love anthropomorphizing their dogs (treating them and interacting with them like humans), and the Kurtz success is a result of their efforts to capture the uniqueness of the human-dog bond in a tangible way. 

As the company grew larger, Dog is Good expanded their creative offerings to include eye-catching designs of typical activities people do with their dog.

Screen Shot 2023-11-03 at 10.34.51 AM

In a video on their website, Gila Kurtz discussed her efforts to contact leads. When GIla reached out to potential clients on the East Coast, they were stoked about the opportunity to sell Dog is Good apparel in their stores because they had never seen anything like it. 

“We wanted to come up with a sleep shirt,” Kurtz said.  “When that started to takeoff, we noticed that people do so many things with their dogs,” the couple explains in an interview about the success of Dog is Good with Growire.

Dog is Good merchandise captures the hearts and minds of dog owners because it is relatable, comfortable, and part of their daily activities. 

Dog Owners are an Incredibly Loyal Group of Consumers

In today’s world, dogs aren’t just pets, they’re family. And it’s hard to find a more loyal group of consumers than dog lovers:

The consumer experience for dog owners is different than almost any other product or service. Owning a dog is an experience that never gets turned off, used up, or thrown away. 

People are very invested in the experience of owning a dog: just think of how many dog owners buy monthly toys, treats, or clothing for a dog. These are the exact same customers that would be willing to buy Dog is Good apparel.

That’s a lot of people. 

“The major ingredient in Dog is Good as a company and each product individually, is capturing that remarkable feeling we as dog lovers have when when we’re near dogs”

- Dog is Good

Screen Shot 2023-11-03 at 10.35.40 AM

Huge Brand’s Licensing Agreement with Dog is Good 

In 2023, Huge Brand’s partnered with Dog is Good to expand our offerings.

Huge Brands’ employees are avid dog lovers. We view our partnership as a mutually beneficial opportunity to expand the production of Dog is Good apparel and help others celebrate their love of dogs. 

Our office is also dog friendly! You can always find pooches roaming around, curiously exploring our production floor, and wagging their tails in elation at any visitors that stop by.  

You can experience Huge Brand’s love for dogs firsthand. At the 2024 Surf Expo Convention, our booth will feature puppies. Stop by, say hi, and pet one! For the Surf Expo convention, we will also be producing merchandise for Creegan Canine Rescue a nonprofit organization that helps dogs find their furever homes. You can make a donation to Creegan Canine Rescue's cause, at this link. 

The coolest aspect of our partnership with Dog is Good is that you can add custom name drops to each design and make it unique to your region.

Why Your Customers Will Love Dog is Good Merchandise

Your customers will be stoked about Dog is Good merchandise for multiple reasons:

  • Dogs are an important part of their everyday lives 
  • An online search of the Dog is Good Amazon store shows that customers are very satisfied with their purchases; every product is rated four stars or higher. 
    • Customers described the material as quality and durable, it held up well after multiple life cycles. 
    • The messaging and font of the design appealed to consumers. Buyers reported receiving compliments from their friends and in public.  
    • Reviews mention the softness and comfort of the garment (If the clothes aren’t comfortable, your customers won’t wear them and certainly won’t buy them again!).

Our Favorite Dog is Good Merchandise Concepts

Dog is Good has many eye-catching designs, making it hard to pick the best ones. Although it’s a difficult decision, our staff has a couple favorites that we would like to share with you:

Dog Is Good-Never Drink Alone-Ladies Tank-Mock


Dog Is Good-Live Live With Dog-Surf-SST-Mock

Dog Is Good-Never Camp Alone-Mug-Mock

Dog Is Good-Hoodie (1) copy

Dog Is Good-Never Walk Alone-Crewneck Sweatshirt-Mock


Dog is good is a remarkable merchandise line that checks all of the boxes. It’s unique, speaks to the soul, and the brand represents an integral part of dog owners’ identities. Dogs have been loyal companions to humans for at least 30,000 years, and dog owners’ purchasing behavior is just as loyal. 

Dog owners spend more on their dogs than almost anything else besides necessities. You can reliably stock Dog is Good apparel in your store, knowing that it will resonate with a large target market. 

Want to know something else cool? If Dog is Good isn't your cup of tea, we have many other concepts that your customers will love.  Huge Brands also has an exclusive license with Peanuts that allows you to name drop your shop, campground, and destination spot. Because we are one of the only companies allowed to do this, you can order iconic Snoopy gear emblazoned with the name of your brand or location across all types of merchandise. 

Key Takeaways 

  • Dog is Good merchandise looks great, feels great, and resonates with a loyal group of consumers
  • Dog is Good is a lifestyle brand
  • Huge brands can provide you with Dog is Good merchandise that includes regional name drops. To get started with your Dog is Good merchandise


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