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Jeremy Conder

Jeremy is the founder and CEO of Huge Brands. He came into the merch game by way of the music game where he cut his teeth selling the coolest band tees and accessories to the Hot Topic Teenagers of the day. Jeremy is a facilitator of opportunities and believes in the potential of humans, brands, and businesses.

5 Reasons Your Business Should Have a Brand Merch Program

You'll often hear the phrases "merch" or "swag items" casually thrown around to describe promotional items that companies give out at events or conferences. The cost of these swag items is typically very cheap and they are often poorly made. A customer might wear merch like this while mowing the lawn or use their tote bag when they have nothing else to carry their gym equipment, but it is quickly discarded. 

On the other hand, building a branded merch program is all about producing retail-quality, well-designed, apparel and products that your customers wear for years and rave about.

Dive into this article to learn about the top five reasons your business should have a branded merch program. 

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