The Advantages of Selling Custom Embroidered Hats in your Retail Merch Line

When you think of custom branded apparel or merch, what comes to your mind? If you're like most people, you probably think of T-Shirts, hoodies, or tank tops. 

While this merch is a good starting point, your retail program doesn't have to fit inside such a small box. A robust merch program won't just appeal to some of your customers, it should offer attractive items to all of your customers.

From a creative standpoint, the purpose of a branded merchandise program is to create kick-a** gear that people want to wear. But at a practical level, you need to think about the user experience (ux) that your customers have when they wear your branded merch.

How does your customer experience your branded merchandise program? Is your clothing something that they simply wear when they mow the lawn, or wear as pajamas? Or, do your customers actually reach for your merch as their first choice when they go out in public? These are important questions to consider because they will determine the type of clothing you offer. 

Quality custom embroidered hats are a perfect way to broaden the appeal of your merchandise line, create a great user experience, and add unique style to your product lines. 

Keep reading to learn how:

How embroidered hats can appeal to current customers and non-customers from a user experience standpoint

Custom embroidered hats have a quality look and are long-lasting

Have you ever been to a conference and received a poor quality hat? I have, and can you guess what I did with it? I didn't wear it.

Cheaply made hats can easily fall apart. They reflect poorly on your brand, and people throw them away or wear them one time.

Quality and comfort are paramount considerations when it comes to the UX of your branded merch line. Quality and comfort speak. It seems obvious and intuitive, but too few brands sell quality branded merchandise because:

  • They don't know what to look for
  • Which blanks (the raw article of clothing) to select
  • They don't pay for quality.   Man wearing a mesh snapback trucker hat.

Embroidered hats overcome these pitfalls because they are a quality item when they are created with a solid blank: 

  • The stitching on embroidered hats is durable.
  • Your hat feels like it is retail-quality
  • Your hats won't fall apart, and your customers will continue to wear them because they look and feel great.
  • Hats are more convenient than other garments because you don't have to wash them.
  • Embroidered hats are easy for your customers to put on when they go out with friends or spend time in public.
  • Hats are unisex: Unlike other articles of apparel, many hats are unisex and appeal to multiple demographics. You have dad hats, trucker, foam trucker, rope hats, bucket hats, wide brim, and beanies. Because of the wide variety of selection, there is a look and fit for everyone.  
  • How often do people wear comfy sweatshirts or T-Shirts because of how they feel? Even if somebody doesn't know (that much) about your brand, there's a good chance that they would probably wear your hat. 

Selecting a size and fit for hats is easier than with other custom apparel

While only snapback hats are one-size-fits all, its easier in general to choose hats that are the correct size for your customers. Sizing, cut, and feel for other articles of apparel come with additional considerations, that you don't have to think as hard about when choosing a hat. 

Hats are great for year-round wear and different occasions

Hats don't go out of season. They help protect people's skin from harmful UV rays during Summer, and keep their heads warm throughout chilly winter months. 

Hats are an article of clothing suitable for many occasions including:

  • Boating
  • Lounging
  • Everyday wear
  • Camping
  • Swimming 
  • Going to the bar 
  • Going out with friends 
  • Running 
  • Going to a game 
  • Attending a concert

You get the point: hats are great for pretty much everything besides formal events, but there are formal hats for even those. 

From a UX standpoint, all of these factors are ideal! Customer's will love your hat because it is incredibly functional for the above reasons

How embroidered hats can appeal to people that aren't customers from a creative standpoint

Now, we'll consider why custom embroidered hats are appealing from a creative branding standpoint. 

Hats are a Good Conversation Starter

Last week at work, I was talking to my coworker and I noticed that he was wearing a hat with a colorful logo. I asked him where he got his hat from, and he told me that it was from a local business. I had never heard of this particular business, but learned about it just because of the hat he was wearing.  

Embroidered Hats Generate Awareness and Brand Recognition

An advertising campaign can be difficult to create, requires resources, and might not appeal to potential customers. Research on word-of-mouth advertising has shown that word-of-mouth advertising is the highest effective form of advertising because people are more willing to trust their friends or others they know over companies. 

Think of it this way: if you are promoting your brand, would you rather have prospective customers see a billboard or hear about your business from somebody that they know wearing your hat?

Hats also capture and promote the lifestyle and personality of your brand. If you're an outdoor brand, you can create a hat that is good for camping, if you're a snowboarding brand, you can design a custom embroidered beanie.

Hats add value to your brand

When you venture into different mediums it solidifies the fact that you care about your brand and adds to customer perception. Customer perception is a non-negotiable trust signal for all businesses that too often falls by the wayside.

There are many available styles and options for custom embroidered hats

Different styles appeal to different customers. The following are a couple of examples of custom embroidered hats that we have created. 

A 5-panel hat designed for an outdoor loving demographic.An example of a 5-panel hat that fits an outdoor loving demographic.

A dad hat that matches current trends and styles.A dad hat that fits current trends and styles of both younger and older generations. 

A Dog is Good trucker hatAnother example of a dad hat, in a different style with unique decorations suited for different demographics.

A 5-panel rope hat with a custom logo.A 5-panel rope hat with a custom logo.


Because there are plenty of options of available hats, you don't have to limit yourself to just one.

Custom Beanies

Custom embroidered beanies are another example of popular embroidery on clothes. Just like hats, beanies are comfortable, versatile, and fashionable. Like all custom embroidered clothing, you supply your concept logo, it's turned into a digitized file, and then embroidered on your brand merch. 

Custom embroidered hats compared to other custom hats

When selecting a design for your branded hat you can choose from a number of different decoration options. Custom embroidered hats:

  • Add texture to the overall aesthetic of your hat
  • Provide variety for your customers to choose from when they are offered alongside other headwear
  • Are an eye-catching choice for displaying your brand's logo

Embroidery machines

Huge Brand's process: We produce functional and creative custom embroidered hats

Our headwear creation process is engineered to produce durable, attention-grabbing hats from start to finish:

1. We start by sourcing quality blanks manufactured from materials that don't fall apart. 

2. We receive artwork from you and digitize the files. 

3. We prepare your artwork to make it print-ready.

4. Our embroidery team ensures correct sizing and position the blanks for printing. 

5. Our embroidery machines embroider the artwork uniformly on each hat.

6. (optional) We can add a custom hem tag onto your embroidered hat to give it a retail-quality finish.

When this process is finished we deliver the best custom merchandise you've ever had. 

How much does it cost to embroider custom embroidered hats?

It's hard to give a specific answer about how much it costs to embroider your hats or custom beanies because it depends on a number of factors including:

  • The size of the embroidery
  • The stitch count of the custom embroidery
  • The number of colors 
  • Other custom embroidery like puff embroidery, for example.

If you want a specific answer on how much it costs to embroider hats, you should contact us, and let us know what you have in mind. We can take your ideas, logo, and vision, and our art team will create a merch mock up. 


Everyone owns hats, making them a great addition to your retail collection. Huge Brand's capabilities allow you to add retail-quality custom embroidered hats to expand the scope of your retail merch program and appeal to customers and potential customers.

Key Takeaways

  • Custom embroidered hats are an ideal item for everyday wear, including every season and most occasions 
  • Hats create a great user experience because they are comfortable and functional. Custom embroidered hats are creatively appealing; people want to wear them because they look awesome.
  • Hats allow you to promote your brand's image and lifestyle in a non-intrusive way. 
  • Custom embroidered hats expand the reach of your brand's merchandise line and appeal to a larger audience that might not wear other items.

Ready to get started creating your very own custom embroidered hats? Let’s get in touch. 

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